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This blog is for all of you small business owners who know – or think – that you would like to put your expertise online.  Perhaps you are already a trainer or consultant and you want to spend less time on the road.  You might have written a book and would like to broaden your product offerings.  Perhaps you’re looking to eLearning to enhance your revenue stream without working yourself into the ground. Or, maybe your clients have expressed an interest in a lower cost method of delivery; e-Learning might be the best way to reduce costs while maintaining quality…it sure beats putting five days worth of material into a three-day class.  You might be concerned about your footprint (carbon, that is, not your shoe size), and want to do your part.

Maybe you’re still wondering, or maybe you’ve made going online with your training your #1 priority for this year.  Either way, there are many choices, many things to learn (you have no idea!), many decisions to make that can make or break your plans.  I was lucky.  I started this in 2005 when there were fewer choices, fewer evil people who saw a chance to make a buck at eLearning, and a little bit more cash in the till…I made a lot of bad choices.  I wasted a lot of money (more than I ever would’ve risked, had I known it was a possibility) and I wasted a lot of time.

I want to share what I learned (and what I went through) about eLearning for business with you.  So, if you’re sure about e-Learning for your business, thinking about it, or just curious, there’s something here for you!

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