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  • "Penny (BeeLearn.com) has been instrumental in helping us move our company forward. Her guidance in taking our great content and process, then structuring classes within Moodle that exceed our requirements has been critical to our success. Penny’s background in teaching, instructional design, Six Sigma and Virtual Learning Environments all come together in what seems to be an “effortless” approach for her as she works with us. You hear the term from time to time that someone, “gets it” and that is pure truth with Penny. She has “pushed back” (acted in our best interest) when she believed a piece of content was unclear, or, transitions didn’t work. She showed us what we could do if we wanted to do more of the instructional design ourselves, she patiently taught us about features and capabilities in Moodle we were ignorant of, which made our courses stronger in interaction, flow and benefitted our customers. We’ve added content, courses, refinements and customers, all based on Penny’s great work. We could’ve spent additional months for sure, very possibly longer struggling with Moodle and/or coming to the conclusion it wasn’t a very good tool, but Penny showed us the way. And, icing on the cake, after you work with her for a short while, and get past her (welcome professionalism), you learn she has a great sense of humor, clearly likes to have fun and you thoroughly enjoy working with her! It’s such a welcome change to deal with someone, in this case Penny, who sets clear expectations and then exceeds them consistently. Look no further!" – John O’Rourke, Founder and Principal Pandemic Learning, LLC/InGaugement.com
  • "The training was well organized and very well presented. Your skills organizing and presenting the materials were a key ingredient to success." – Bill R., business leader of a major global corporation, on the training developed and delivered for his business unit by Penny.
  • “Penny has been an asset in every engagement. She possesses a wealth of knowledge on highly technical analysis techniques and has the uncommon capability of being able to transfer that knowledge to others in an effective and engaging way. I highly recommend Penny Mondani.” – Doug Peters, Director of Technology Applications at Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
  • For countless reasons, I am so thankful for finding Penny Mondani and Albany Analytical. When my client, Minneapolis-based EMPO Corporation, expressed an interest in developing an e-training Web site—Let’s just see what we can do—I began learning Moodle. Armed with a basic understanding of Web development, an above average knowledge of applications (Adobe CS—and certainly MS Office), two Moodle administration books, and the support of the Moodle.org community, I was comfortable with the request. I thought to myself, “I can do this.” After a couple weeks, I presented a very nuts-and-bolts Moodle training site to EMPO. EMPO was excited!

    Our test site quickly went to the next level when EMPO partnered with The Janitorial Store to develop an online training site for TJS’s national, subscription-based professional network. From what we learned from our test site, we had a team of committed professionals, a clear vision, a detailed project outline, and a fast-approaching deadline. But even with our team’s best and most dedicated efforts, we lacked the Moodle experience and expertise to anticipate what might be around the corners. This is where Penny came in.

    I stumbled across Albany Analytical online. What luck! Penny was pivotal in providing seasoned insight for our project. She reviewed our plan, helped clarify Moodle idiosyncrasies, and responded thoughtfully and promptly. (So appreciated!) From Penny’s suggestions, it was obvious she closely considered the details of our project. Penny is thorough, detailed-orientated, articulate—and a true delight to work with. She’s a fantastic mix of professionalism, expertise, and fun.

    Our training site has been live for over two months, and we are doing great. Penny has a lot to do with our smooth start. I know when we are ready to take our site to the next level, Penny will be involved, and for many reasons, I truly look forward to her input. Penny is a tremendous asset to any e-learning effort. – Kate Douma, Kate Douma LLC

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