A Few Words About: Moodle Activities & Resources

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A Few Words AboutAlthough Moodle uses the terms activity and resource, I think of them all as pages or entities.  I suppose this is because each one shows up as a single link in the course outline (on the main page) or in a listing of each type. I choose which one to use based on the format and objective for each section of content, regardless of how Moodle classifies it. 

Each one comes with a choice of options, which are dependent on the activity or resource type. There will be even more choices with Moodle 2.0.  This post is about Moodle 1.9x only. 

In general, Moodle activities have more choices of settings than do Moodle resources; these are mostly to do with dates and grading.  From the students’ view, the biggest difference is that activities (again, in general) require - or allow - some input from the student.  Some examples of Moodle activities:

  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Glossaries
  • Forums
  • Chats
  • Web meetings
  • Choices
  • Wikis

Activities can be set to allow viewing all of the time, have an available and/or due date, allow comments, allow inputs, and allow grading. 

Resources have fewer settings and can be anything from a web link to a static page of text.  The student uses a resource, but does not contribute to it.  Resources are used to provide information to the student and include:

  • Labels
  • Web pages
  • Links
  • Directories

Resources are typically available all of the time (they can be hidden but do not have date settings), do not allow input from students, and are not graded (or commented on).  Note:  Moodle 2.0 will make significant changes to availability settings.


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