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From the July 2010 issue of Penny For Your Thoughts newsletter…

There is no limit to the good things I can say to a prospective client about Moodle.  But my endless ranting of Moodle’s virtues comes to a screeching halt when I hear the question “Does Moodle have a shopping cart?”  Some times, that question is disguised innocently in the discussion of the prospect’s eLearning needs.  “I’d like to offer discounts” or “What about site membership?”. 

Gulp.  No, I’m sorry, Moodle can’t really do that.

For my clients – all of whom are businesses – this can be a show stopper.  But no longer!

I found out about Course Merchant through the forums at Moodle for Business Uses.  When a client recently had some questions about discounts, memberships – all those dreaded topics – I dug a little deeper.  What I found:

  • A product that provides solutions to every eCommerce problem I’ve faced
  • A great demo of the shopping cart, with various options
  • It was easy and it worked!

…and best of all…

  • A detailed, honest response to my email inquiry outlining specific issues we had.  I wrote that email at midnight and the response was in my inbox the next morning. 

Course Merchant not only offers a much needed solution to those of us who use Moodle for Business, they do so at an affordable price!  The set-up and first year’s costs run around $1000; $350 each year after that. 

 As if this isn’t exciting enough, they have just released the beta version of a new product for Affiliate Marketing.


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