How a consultant-trainer can use eLearning to increase revenue, reach more clients, and free up time (what you do with that time is up to you!)

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It was a good model and it worked for decades:

  1. Get your foot in the door with a single training workshop.
  2. Do a really good job developing and delivering that workshop.
  3. Get rave reviews from your students, who tell their superiors you’d be the perfect contractor for the upcoming project.
  4. Exceed those expectations with excellent coaching, consulting, and additional workshops.
  5. Receive high praise, good money, and a nice testimonial.
  6. Take some time off to catch up with the family and make up for the last several months when you were home only on the weekends.
  7. Do it all over again.

Then came The Recession…or, maybe you woke up one day and said “I don’t want to travel today!”  Maybe you can’t remember which class you told your famous Ted Williams anecdote or what city you’re in.  Or, maybe you feel like your clients could benefit from a different model, costing them less without sacrificing the benefit of your expertise.  Perhaps you’d just like a little more time to pursue other things…

The new, leaner model:

  1. Get your foot in the door (which, these days, requires steel-toed shoes)
  2. Save your client money and lost productivity (yours and theirs) by offering the fundamentals – or basics of what you teach – online.  Make that online training full of audio recordings (you, telling stories and giving examples, like you always did), videos (of you or better yet, others whom you could never have had in a face to face workshop), charts, tables, graphics, schematics, and cartoons (just like the ones you drew on the white board or showed on the overhead projector), assignments (to be handed in for you to review), group activities (online meetings, chats, using collaborative technology), downloadable templates, and an electronic (not printed)  manual.  Make it an online version of those great workshops you’ve always delivered!
  3. Schedule “office hours” with your students; set times each day, week, or month to chat online or have a web meeting.  This can be as big or as small, as structured or as loose, as you want it to be.  And you can do it from home.
  4. Travel to the client location already knowing something about the people, the business, the things they want to work on…Coach and consult like you always have.
  5. While you’re coaching and consulting with this client, another client is taking the online training…you just doubled the number of clients without diluting your attention to either of them.  And, you had time to attend your kid’s Little League game on a Wednesday night!

I did it the “old fashioned way” for 20 years. I never thought it work online because I made the training!  But, I proved myself wrong.  It is possible to capture the stories, the humor, the personal dynamics – all those things that make great training – in an online format.  I did it and was amazed at how much more time I could dedicate to coaching and follow-up.  Not to mention the reduction in travel time, nights spent in hotels, and bad road food.

Contact me to take advantage of our $1000 start up offer, which includes everything you need to get your book or training workshop into eLearning format.


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